The Bassman Project Continues After a very long Hiatus.

After the project sat for a very long time while I tried to finish my degree, I had a free summer where I got back into it. I decided to rework my schematic, plan a relatively careful layout, and make some more room in the chassis by going semi point-to-point, which allowed me to cut down the size of the board(s) I’m using. This  a picture early in the process, a few weeks ago. I actually had to replace that blue switch you see peeking out in the bottom right hand corner. There will only be a single input into this amp, which will go just to the right of the aforementioned switch.

I had been looking for a piece of brass to cover the gaping hole in the front of the chassis, so I could mount all the switches, jacks and knobs to something relatively pretty. A friend helped me acquire this piece, which I affixed to the chassis with JB Weld. Here, the chassis is sitting on the head that I constructed a couple of years ago.

Here we can see the wiring shaping up. A little cleaner that the rat’s nest that is my Champ, this time I planned my wiring a little better. White and the thick silver braided wire indicate signal. Red and white together is the Tonestack, and yellow wires indicate B+ power supply. Black is ground. As you can see, I cut out the center section of the turret board, and the preamp section has become more crowded than I’d intended.


~ by Myke on 25 June 2012.

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