And the project continues…

Chassis inside head
Building the wooden box for the head was slow going without a jig. No drawn plans, either. I just knew how to keep the idea simple enough.

The long boards needed to be 2.5″ longer than the chassis, which is 17.4 inches or thereabouts– so I made it 20″x7.25″ and called it good. The sides are 7.5″ tall.

In the middle of building the box, I took a break to work on the turret-board. I needed a few connections in the center of the board in order to make my layout a little clearer, so I used my rivet gun– the rivets probably won’t hold solder very well– but as long as the electrical connections between components is real solid, there shouldn’t be any worries.

Here's the first cap! ORANGE!
Here’ the first cap that i mounted on the board– just to see how it looked.

Almost done arranging things
After looking at this– I decided that I wanted a bigger 4th filter capacitor– see the little blue one next to the big ones? I went and got another one.
As I began attaching leads it looked like this:
Coming right along

From here I need to do some work on the chassis front before I can mount my control pots.


~ by Myke on 9 December 2009.

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